Woocommerce Customization Services

WooCommerce is one of the famous plugins on the market. Speaking about WooCommerce, it is easy to use open source plugin used to create and maintain an e-commerce store created on WordPress.

Woocommerce Customization

WordPress is a highly advantageous open source tool to create website and WooCommerce is an added advantage in WordPress to create responsive and highly functional Ecommerce store. The powerful tools and plugins and alluring themes of WooCommerce are the best combination to develop a stand-out Ecommerce store.

Experts at work

With this beneficial plugin, it may be easy to develop an Ecommerce store but developing a creative and attractive Ecommerce store is only possible by experienced developers who are driven by innovative thinking. To be precise, Kudosta is a hub of innovative designers and developers who create Ecommerce website or portal with design thinking and architectural development. At Kudosta, your search for expert developers ends.

Begin your WooCommerce journey with us.
Woocommerce Customization Services and Solutions

WooCommerce store development

Create your dream Ecommerce store with us as our developers will create the best in className store that not only fit your needs but also exceeds your expectations.

Plugin Development

Get with us your needs for extension plugin. Our WooCommerce expert team will transform your idea into extension plugin.

WooCommerce Customization

With ideas from our expertise we can enhance the functionality and capability of your Ecommerce site or store as we do provide WooCommerce customization solutions.

Payment Gateway Development

If custom built payment gateway as per your region is your need, we are here for you to develop and integrate payment gateway in your Ecommerce store.

WooCommerce API Integration

If you are looking to utilize the functionalities of third party application with WooCommerce, we can make it for you by doing API integration.

What we do?

  • Customized WooCommerce Website
  • WooCommerce Plugin Development
  • WooCommerce Migration
  • Exclusive Ecommerce store using WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Maintenance and Support

WooCommerce Subscriptions

In order to integrate multiple payment gateways, WooCommerce subscriptions is the best plugin. The major advantage of this plugin is it enables the users to choose the payment method and features they like to integrate. Users can choose the payment method whichever is comfortable for them to use. Here we see the essential features of WooCommerce subscription plugin.

Product Variations

Easy management and product display variations are the major features that users mainly get attracted with in this plugin. A choicest plugin to display the product on ecommerce website. Displaying different products ranging in different prices is an beneficial feature.

Trial Period

This is a highly welcoming feature which allows the user to utilize and experience the plugin in a trail period. It assists the user to experience for free trial for 15 days so that it will be easy for the users to decide. The trial period is for the users to evaluate the service.

Sign Up Fees

This fee is a beginning charge to begin the service when the user signs up for a product or a service. It is a one-time fee. Setting up the signup fees is easy with WooCommerce subscriptions. It features free sign-up also.

Membership subscription is highly famous in which the users will be asked to sign in to get the access to specific parts of the website. No casual visitor will get the access unless he/she has membership subscription. You can use this type of subscription in WooCommerce subscription plugin if you want the visitors to subscribe to access different parts of the website.

If you want a website that sells the products shippable and also downloadable then this subscription is best choice. Visitors will have choice to subscribe the products as per their interest

This type of subscription is familiar and most of the online stores use this. Users will get continual service only after the subscription. Unless they subscribe they cannot utilize the service.

  • Subscription with automatic renewal
  • Subscription with manual renewal

Subscription with automatic renewal

Automatic renewal of subscription at the end of the period every time. Users do not have to intervene to renew as the website will automatically do the renewal for the user with the help of WooCommerce Subscription plugin. Payments will be scheduled and users will be able to unsubscribe the automatic renewal anytime. To utilize the automatic renewal, users have to choose any payment gateway which supports the auto renewal feature.

Subscription with manual renewal

In this type of subscription, the users have to intervene to do renewal as the website will ask for a confirmation from the user regarding renewal whereas no confirmation will be asked in the automatic renewal. No subscription will be made unless the user grants permission.

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