Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protect the privacy of the personal identifiable information that we collect from you since you use our website. By providing your information you agree with us (Kudosta) to use the same information as we have described here. Please read further for more information.

What kind of information is collected?

We collect personal identifiable information in different areas of our site when the user registers, user requests any information or response, signup for any kind of receiving any information about services and apply for jobs. The personal information we collect from you includes and not limited to name, contact information, company or school name, any kind of required password, email address, phone number etc.

How my personal information be used?

We use your personal identifiable information to fulfill your request for receiving any information, to process your request, to review, to consider any kind of inquiries that you submit to us. We may keep your information to provide our service upon your request, to contact you in future if it is for the recruitment purpose. Kudosta also use your personal identifiable information to analyze your behavior on our site so that we can find your interest on which we can provide our best service to you. The email address provided during registration will be only used to send emails for the requests made from your side. In any case, if you do not like to receive email from us or not interested in any sort of advance notice you can choose from the given preference. We use the personal identifiable information collected from cookies and IP address as explained below.

Are cookies and IP addresses used?

Our site uses cookies to recognize you and your preferences and also to monitor usage of the site. Cookies are the chunk of text stored on your computer that helps us knowing your usage statistics on the website, the type of browser you use. Cookies help us to know whether you have registered with us regarding any service or to receive any information.
By accepting our cookie, you will get access to some of the pagesof the website without typing the login information every time. If any user does not accept the cookie from the Site may not be able to access specific areas of the site without login. Kudosta also uses the IP address to find the location so that we can fix the issues if there is anything in connection with our server.

Is my personal identifiable information revealed to third parties?

Kudosta does not reveal the personal identifiable information of the user intentionally and we take required/appropriate steps to prevent the accidental revealing. This comes into action if the third part is not affiliated to Kudosta. We reveal your personal data to the third parties as per the permitted laws and rules and regulations. We reveal your personal data to the third party if in case the third party requires it to deliver any information to us on serving you. We will reveal your personal identifiable information only after your consent. If Kudosta or any of its affiliates merges with third party, the personal identifiable information collected will be revealed to the merged party.

How can I access, change, and/or delete information?

You can have access to correct, update, edit or delete any of your personal identifiable information that you have provided on our site. You may also will be able to subscribe from the mailing lists or any kind of registrations.


Kudosta has executed security based on the technology and operation standards to protect your personal identifiable information from threats, risks, loss, damage, and alteration. Except the authorized personnel of Kudosta, no person will be able to access your personal identifiable information. But still, technical risks are possible. No entity will be able to completely eliminate the risk related to the personal identifiable information.


By visiting our website, you consent to the terms and condition mentioned in this privacy statement. As you express your consent as per this privacy statement, your personal identifiable information will be used here and anywhere (any country) if it is required. We will provide you to choose the preferences through notifications on which you may express your consent.

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