Virtualization Solutions

Managed IT solutions with proven and positive approach in a cost-effective manner is one of the key challenges in the enterprise. When it comes to IT infrastructure highly responsive provision is a great need. With all the requirements of Managed IT solutions for your IT infrastructure, virtualized environment could be a best solution but still it is hectic to setup it on your own. It takes time, expertise and proper resources to make it happen. Kudosta is one of the best Virtualization solution providers, offering the best cloud-based solutions followed by industry practices.

We handle both the small and medium based companies and enterprises to use the exclusive and comprehensive benefits of virtualization. For any kind of business that leverage the advantages of software and hardware, we give offer dedicated virtualization solutions. The increasing benefits of virtualized space and cloud services can improve your everyday business operations. We enable streamline approach to give you seamless business flow and our support will be constant in every phase. Keep your business transactions incessant as we implement advanced virtualization solutions that enhances your business with expanded operation.

Kudosta implements the network virtualization and monitoring to manage the network bandwidth as per the requirement. It takes control over the network resources at use in your business. It keeps you updated and monitored about the network use and simplifies the bandwidth allocation. You better know what’s happening in your network so that nothing goes out of your hand.

The advantage of virtualizing the application is the capability of utilizing the software and the apps without disturbing the registry or its file structure. In the enterprise, new applications will be added as per the need stacking on the existing apps. In such a case there can be chaos of making complexity. The best way to avoid the complexity is to virtualization. You do not have to worry about the complexity as you can avail our service that keeps you in ease, ensuring that our experts handle the virtualization through which you can achieve agility and flexibility. Whether it is a deployment or installation, your platform will be consistent with full support and service, thereby it facilitates cost reduction.

It is a concept of isolating virtual machines and physical hardware. On a complete isolation, you can achieve scalability and independence. Platform independence is quite important in the infrastructure to avail full benefits. When your requirements mount up, you can utilize server utilization with the features like higher availability, clustering, cluster updating and live migration, and to name a few.

The need for data storage never ends and it always increases in different levels. The demand to store and consume the data becomes complex if it is not handled well. The best way to store and consume large amount of data is Data Virtualization. It thrashes the complexities in storing various data. Without worrying about the technicalities, SAN architecture is built and the simplified and unified access is created. The major advantage is that end user could access and manage the data easily.

Benefits for the business:

  • It reduces infrastructure costs
  • It frees up physical data
  • Releases the existing capacity
  • Slashes IT cost
  • Enhances the deliverables
  • Enhances the deliverables
  • Zero downtime for maintenance
  • Cost of disaster recovery is deduced

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