React Native Development

React Native is a JavaScript framework for building real, aboriginal rendering native mobile application for iOS and Android. It uses the React JavaScript framework and offers highly performing user interface a step further, rather targeting the browser, it targets mobile platforms. It’s also offers huge number of inbuilt components and APIs.


React Native has been strongly embrace by numbers of businesses all over the world including Facebook, Microsoft and Uber. But, before you think to go all-in with React Native, it’s important that you comprehend how it works, and figure out if it’s the first choice for your project.

Understanding the Concept of React Native

React Native considered one of the finest solutions for cross-platform development in the worldwide and it uses the same design as React. React Native just makes up for a little component and is execute in a scattered approach. It is easy to develop for both Android and iOS at the same time.

As regular iOS and Android apps it utilizes the same fundamental UI building blocks. You just put those building blocks all together make use of JavaScript and React.


Some quick features of React Native

  • React Native is for supports IOS and Android platform development
  • It Support Java, Objective-C, Objective-C++, and C++ languages
  • It runs on real, native views and elements
  • Requires minimal time to develop applications
  • React Native has rich UI Components

React Native Advantages


You can use the existing JavaScript understanding to create native mobile apps.

Reusable Code

Individual Codebase and usable more than once covering web and mobile platforms.

Fast app development process

Having an Individual Codebase means that the release of the product will be as quick as possible.

Cost efficiency

One more benefits of react native development is to save budget (up to 50%). Reason because developers are able to use the same code to build applications for iOS and Android.

Live & Hot Reloading

At the time of development, whatever changes are happening through the developer application can be seen live.

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