VSA Services

Enhance service delivery to your clients with our VSA services customized for you. VSA services are highly needed if you want to cut down the costs and offer best service to your clients irrespective of your availability. Kudosta provides effective VSA services to enhance the IT infrastructure services offered to clients.

We help you to maintain healthy and fruitful business with your clients by taking care of core IT needs. You do not have to meddle with IT needs of your client as you will be free to focus on core objectives.

We build a team of IT administrators and skilled VSAs to deliver the best service that exceeds the expectation. Being trained extensively and rigorously, our VSAs would stick with protocols and offer beneficial services. Their exposure to the world of IT is notable and to be utilized in a best possible way.

Our VSA service is a much desired by organizations across the world. We provide customized VSA services to fit your requirements effectively. We design new networks and research on advanced products to benefit your client in a better way.

Why us?

  • More projects can be allocated to inhouse team
  • Affordable in cost and high quality in response time
  • Skilled, trained and qualified professionals
  • Expertise in handling complete IT needs


  • Full time or part time exclusive Engineer as per your business need
  • Availability – 24X7 – to maintain uptime
  • Multi-faceted – we offer server setup, desktop administration and various other services which are true value for your money
  • Multiple vendor handling
  • Our years of experience is a solid foundation for effective service
  • Proficient Engineer will be dedicated exclusively for you

VSA Task List

Tasks that VSA helps you to achieve business productivity are:

Server Monitoring:

  • Daily monitoring and remediation tasks
  • Alerts generated by RMM
  • Locating critical event logs and analyzing root cause deduction
  • Comprehending the error patterns, generating alerts and colleting error data for analysis on critical issues
  • Health audit of tasks that in lines with patch management to be done in infrastructure
  • Using best practices and approaches for monitoring, remediation and documentation

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

  • Installing and configuring backup solutions
  • Support multiple solutions across the platforms
  • Environment assessment to find backup needs
  • Deploying solutions according to your backup needs
  • Doing regular health checks and updates
  • All-inclusive disaster recovery
  • Setting up backup and alerts levels

AV/Security Management:

  • Deploying, configuring and maintaining security and AV management
  • Checking the definition updates and status of license
  • Periodical cleanup to ensure ideal health of assets
  • Security and threat management information shared to end users and staff members

Directory Services:

  • Overall management of domain infrastructure
  • Issues connected with group policies are deployed and troubleshooted
  • Roaming profiles and folder redirections management
  • File access issues and DFS are handled
  • Account lockouts management
  • Troubleshooting advanced issues such as lingering objects, secure channel fix, orphaned DC removal, FSMO placement, etc.

Microsoft Messaging / Exchange:

  • Installing and configuring Microsoft exchange
  • Complete Deployment
  • Migration of on prem exchange to hosted messaging
  • Managing users: email address policies, forward settings, mailbox tuning, discovery management, on behalf permission
  • Covering the complex issues in client access with EWS, OWA, Outlook Connectivity, Active Sync
  • Mailbox Management.
  • Message hygiene regulation including mail rejections, header tracing, domain black listing issues and spam monitoring
  • Database management such as health maintenance, defragmentation, corruption recovery and mailbox export and recovery
  • Co-existence setup


  • Handling certificate issues
  • Troubleshooting access issues in IIS site
  • Troubleshooting issues in deploying 3rd party certificates
  • Patch Management:
  • Patch installation configuration and scheduling
  • Constant monitoring and remediating the outdated patches
  • Performing upgrades
  • Generating and sending daily, weekly and monthly patch reports

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