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What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open-source web framework written in PHP scripting language for web development based on the core PHP framework and MVC architecture. MVC architecture mostly Centre on model, view, and controller of the specific project to give logical separation of code from the end user.

CakePHP was created by Michal Tatarynowicz in April Year 2005. The framework gives a strong base for your application. It can hold each aspect, from the user’s beginning request all the way to the final supply of a web page.

And since the framework follows the fundamental of MVC, it permits you to simply customize and expand most aspects of your application.

The CakePHP also gives a simple organizational structure, from filenames to database table names, keeping your whole application constant and logical. This concept is easy but impressive. Go around with the protocol and you’ll always know absolutely where things are and how they’re arranged.

Here’s a quick list of CakePHP features such as:

  • It follows MVC architecture
  • Rapid development
  • Application scaffolding
  • Active, friendly community
  • Built-in validations
  • Secure, scalable, and stable
  • Flexible licensing
  • Localization

Why select CakePHP for website development:

  1. Compatible :
    The Cakephp is compatible with several versions of PHP as well as with the in demand website directories.
  2. Customizable Elements :
    The Elements residing inside the framework are simple to redesign and understand.
  3. No Download Required :
    There is no requiring downloading the whole package as you can get started by directly installing the database.
  4. Code Reusability :
    Coding from scratch isn’t needed as code-written can be used so many times in the project decrease time and effort.
  5. MVC Pattern :
    Huge apps need a structured pattern to get started, which CakePHP offers with its special MVC pattern.
  6. Code Simplicity :
    Easy code written in PHP can do the trick for you. The framework is simple, successful and high on areas like security and session handling.

“Make use of CakePHP means your core application’s is well checked and is being always improved.”

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