After Hours NOC Support

Offering IT support to your customer when you’re away

Network monitoring is most important to keep it running on a long run. Any failure in the network due to poor monitoring may be termed as poor service by your customer and they relationship with the customer will become cold. No business person would like to lose the credibility. If you want to maintain your credibility, you need to support your customer’s network all the time. When you’re away, you do not have to worry about it as we will handle their network providing the required support on your behalf.

We understand that you do not require after hours NOC support 24x7. So, we do not charge you the full pricing for taking care of your customer’s network as the service is required only when you’re away. Our cost is reasonable and our service is full-fledged.

We help you to avoid the downtime for your customer as we keep monitoring and provide the necessary support that keeps their network up all the time. Maximizing the uptime is our prime objective and our dedicated team will be in alert for the alert messages during our monitoring.


  • Alert monitoring for 12 hours each day for every month
  • 5 minutes response time
  • Alert verification and immediate remediation
  • Ticket moved to appropriate resource to handle it effectively
  • Critical alerts are reported via phone to the specific resource

How it works:

  • We setup your system to send alert notification to us for any time of the day
  • Our After-Hours NOC Support tam will be readily available to monitor and handle the alerts in a short time
  • We access your RMM to connect with the remote machines
  • Alerts will be validated and invalid ones will be eliminated
  • The team will provide first level support for every alert received
  • Alerts not resolved will be escalated to appropriate resource
  • Providing phone call notification to alerts
  • Everything will be documented


  • No worries when you are away as we provide complete coverage to your customer’s network
  • Enhanced uptime
  • Only fewer tickets will be handled by your team when they’re back at office
  • Customized service for customer satisfaction

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