NOC :  An MSPs Guide to Network Operations Centers

NOC : An MSPs Guide to Network Operations Centers

Big companies mean "a large amount of data" that needs to be managed effectively. This is because the managed data helps in meeting client requirements, prevents malicious attacks and helps in developing effective marketing strategies. 

This, Network Operations Center (NOC) is required for data maintenance. It centralizes the data that makes it easier for the companies to manage it adequately from spam or network attacks. Backup management, deployment of antivirus, Network Device SNMP Monitoring, server and workstation patch management.

Difference Between Security Operations Center and Network Operations Centers


Technically both of these secure an organization's networks from threats. NOC works mainly on the performance part and SOC takes care of the security-related issues. The security operations center focuses on identifying, analyzing, investigation and resolving a security breach.

NOC Team works on the optimal performance of the network determining the series of workflows (patch management and system monitoring) whereas SOC has a team of cyber security specialists to conduct threat monitoring of the network.

A network is prone to security vulnerabilities that need to be identified in the early phase. This important task is done by SOC service providers. Such threats affect the network performance which is then managed by NOC Service Providers.

NOC deals with daily networking activities such as regular updates, and hardware and software performance whereas SOC is responsible to react on sudden network security risk.

24-hour monitoring is mandatory to build a reliable network for which Network Operations Centers and Security operations center service providers work in alliance.

Why NOC is Required

Sudden power failures lead to miscommunication between various departments of an organization. Network Operations Centers focus on the identification of coding errors/circuit-related problems so that a proper connection can be established between the network operator and the user. In the telecom industry, network tracking plays a vital role for which NOC is required.

If you need to have a perfect balance in lead generation, conversion and revenue you should switch to NOC Services. This will help in the growth of your organization by increasing profitability, boosting sales and more. Core Services Offered by NOC Service Providers:

1. Event Monitoring and Management: In a network, there are several tasks to perform such as monitoring of received data, supervision and maintaining the telecommunication network for proper transfer of data. NOC service providers then accomplishes these tasks in an effective manner.

2. Incident / Problem Management: Servers, databases, apps and network infrastructure are monitored timely to identity and search for any problem in the network. NOC engineer is involved in troubleshooting, system monitoring, tracking issues and reporting incidents. This management is helpful in solving the risks to enhance the overall network performance.

3. Performance / Reports Management: The most important part of a network is its users. To provide ease of access to the users reports of network performance is generated. Networking services is quite complex to understand even more so when a large data needs to be managed. However, MSP's look after the network performance and amend the issues instantly.

5. Provisioning / Integration Services: Every user has a different network integration requirement. Some need to have a strong connection like 5G some need 3G according to their business scenario. Thus, a network deployment process involves the fulfillment of a client's requirement for a network configuration. This NOC service assures productivity to the client.

6. Rates/Business Analytics : according to the network performance, it is analyzed whether the business can be scalable, reliable and could accomplish all business goals or not. On behalf of this analysis, other business strategies are developed and implemented.

How is a Network Operations Center Different From a Help Desk?

NOC Help Desk

Kudosta NOC Services: Actively works on network monitoring and is rarely involved in resolving end-user problems. Managed service provider looks after the nature of NOC and help a company to achieve their business goals faster. Moving onto the help desk, it is completely based on technical assistance. Network users are properly guided for an immediate technical issue. Generally, an IT team of the company helps users to troubleshoot recurring issues such as system-related issues, and hardware or software issues.


With Kudosta NOC Services: you can bring ultimate profitability to the business; investing to a minimum. You can grow your business without adding to your headcount. You will observe a gradual enhancement in your profitability with 24*7 NOC services. If you want to drive sustainable gross margins with reduced delivery costs, choose Kudosta NOC Services. However, you will analyze better resource management to help you in building strategies to resolve network issues.


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