What is the best SEO link building strategy of 2022?

What is the best SEO link building strategy of 2022?

Creating awesome content alone doesn't work. Outreaching to bloggers and other business owners with your resource page helps. Convince them by explaining that linking out to relevant content is an up for them as well.  

Probably the same that it's been for years: create awesome content on your own site and get your name out by contributing (content, comments) to other sites and communities. Once people know your site is worth visiting, the external mentions should start flowing naturally.

A good strategy is a combination of creating a worthwhile website with helpful content and/or good products and outreach. You'll need to create the exposure yourself by participating in other people's communities. Write on blogs, answer questions in forums (like you and I are both doing here), participate"on social media groups.

Benefits of Link Building

If you don't offer any great value on your own platform, then why would anyone ever want to link to you? It's not about link-baiting, it's about being part of a community that you bring value to. I had to do a lot of "linkbuilding" in my early career (thankfully not part of my daily tasks anymore), and any links I managed to get (if any) for sites that offered little to no value to users apart from promoting their very standard business models, were as a rule low-quality.

SEO Link Building Strategies

Valid point, for local businesses these kinds of link building strategies won't matter too much. I doubt many external SEO strategies past GMB and professional local business directories in your niche will. The approach outlined above will work for much more than only make-money-online niches.

How about SEO managers sharing strategies, or web developers contributing their knowledge and tools to the community, or (an ex-client of mine) class-action lawyers bringing issues to light, design agencies providing tutorials, the list goes on. Of course there's not a single link building strategy that will fit all types of businesses.

So basically you create non-PBN PBNs. I get it, I do the same sometimes. Make a website, not a default WP blog, slap some posts on it, an about and contact page, drop a link now and again, let it all marinate.

These are hit and miss. For local, they can be a waste of time because all the effort that goes into making ten or fifteen sites look legitimate could be better used simply making the client's site look better. For regional, national and worldwide, a network, in theory, makes sense. Fish with many poles instead of one, but even those sites need backlinks to be found, and interlinking can trigger a red flag if not super careful.

SEO On and Off page Strategies

Generating very well written very unique useful content on your website and on other websites. Do podcasts. YouTube videos. That aside, post on blogs and comment on other places. Focus on medium tail instead of difficult long tail for example. Google locals if need be. Social media but learn how to incorporate those well if you don't know. Pr posts, building backlinks and generating high written content on other sites. On page SEO which is ez. Remove or update web pages doing poorly for potential boost.

The usually good Brian Dean transparency style. Then toss in the Grey market world which everyone usually does. Be smart on how you do that. Remove negative links. Consider PBN and serp networks but don't always rely on them and sometimes are they harmful. The really private ones that you pay large money for are usually helpful considerations.

Working with others and your competition to share work and links... It's weird but it works for both of you. Basically, a modified Brian Dean style is more optimal lately. But Brian is not entirely white as seem by search engine checking him out. It's not all white hat.

Mostly white small Grey. And don't forget Pr stuff and reports and shit. Some people also dabble in testing out uploading pdfs of content to course hero and other websites for added stuff but I have no clue in that aspect not sure if it's reliable yet haven't tested.

There are others but this should serve you solidly. And by all means your website better be good simple and look nice and it better be zippy because Cmon get your shit together. Hope this helps. It's not everything but a good chunk of it. Cheers.

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