8 Advantages of Using WordPress as a CMS

8 Advantages of Using WordPress as a CMS

Wordpress was introduced to the world as a blogging tool, but with the advent of time it has become the largest and most popular self hosted CMS. CMS is extremely important for a website because it helps to manage your content. If you want to make changes to the content of your website, you don't need to approach the web developer for the same, if you have your CMS in your hand.

WordPress solves this problem by not only providing a feature to develop the website easily but also gives you the control over your website. There are numerous other advantages of using WordPress, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Easy Usage

The main advantage of using WordPress is that it is easy to use. One does not have to possess lots of knowledge to use it. It has got a simple and intuitive user interface, which can be easily understood even by the beginners. Overall, its user-friendly interface, extensive support ecosystem, and a commitment to simplifying the website creation and management process for users of all levels of expertise.

2. Free of Cost

WordPress comes with a feature of "available for free". It is an open source CMS. Thus, using WordPress would be most economical option for a business which involves no charge for the development and updation of website. Additionally, many themes and plugins within the WordPress ecosystem are available for free, further enhancing the cost-effectiveness of using the platform.

3. Plugins

You can create the best of a website with the help of WordPress because of the presence of plug-ins. Along with being the open source platform; it also provides 13000 plugins for free. All these plugins can be downloaded, installed and run for free. You can also add new features like RSS feed, Google Sitemap Generator etc to your website for free with the help of these plugins.

4. Easy to Create SEO Friendly Permalinks:

Whenever you write a post or article or a blog with WordPress, it also immediately generates a URL for that post/blog. Thus the more blogs/articles you write, the more links are created linked to your website. This increases the number of WebPages of your website, which in turn increases your presence in the search engine. This increased presence is viable for attracting traffic to the website, which will finally give you your customers.

5. Lets you Create Customized Website

WordPress Themes feature allows one to create absolutely unique websites. Thousands of themes are available for free on WordPress. Besides this, if you are not satisfied with those themes, you can also buy some premium themes, which are available at barely low charges. This helps in building a customized design of your website.

6. No Technical Skills Required

With the usage of WordPress, you don't need to have many technical or programming skills in order to run your website and you don't need to depend on webmasters, website developers, to manage and update your website's content. WordPress is the most powerful CMS means that it gives you the easy way out to manage the content of your website, for which you only need to know about the features that are available within WordPress.

7. SEO Friendly Websites Development

As far as developing a website is concerned, developing a SEO friendly website is extremely important. This work is simplified with the WordPress. The code written for the website is extremely simple, so it becomes easy for the search engines to go through the website and its content and i turn it becomes easy for the crawlers to index the site. Along with this, the images can be accommodated with some descriptions, Meta tags and titles. These features help the crawlers to index the site.

8. Versatile and Extendable

WordPress is versatile i.e. with its features a user can perform numerous types of functions. Along with being versatile, it is also extendable; it can be used for various platforms like e-commerce, social networking, multimedia etc.  


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